April 10, 2016

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Thomas Mulcair steps down as leader of Canada's New Democrats

Mulcair led in opinion polls when the general election campaign started. His party, with the second most seats in the House of Commons, had been...

The full text of Tom Mulcair's speech at the NDP convention

Tom Mulcair took to the lectern on Sunday to make his pitch to the party before members voted whether to keep him on as leader.

How Harper systematically mined anti-Muslim prejudices

Stephen Harper, meanwhile, was quick to capitalize on the French tragedy. As with the Boston attack, he drew an implausible link to events in Canada.

NDP icon Stephen Lewis skewers Justin Trudeau and the Liberals for six policy shortcomings

Former Ontario provincial NDP leader Stephen Lewis outlined six reasons why he's feeling "ebullient" about his party's prospects against Justin Trudeau. That's because in Lewis's...